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Hi! I'm a full-stack software engineer and UX researcher who likes to build useful applications and tackle challenging problems in interaction design.

In my recent research, I've developed experimental new approaches to software customization in educational technology.

In 2022, I defended my PhD in Computing Science at Simon Fraser University, supervised by Dr. Parmit Chilana and Dr. Joanna McGrenere.

Featured projects

Recent publications

  1. A decorative screenshot of Customizer's interface showing two Canvas customizations shared by a study participant

    Uncovering Instructors' Diverse Practices and Perceptions: A Field Deployment of a Customization-Sharing Platform that Supports Course Management

    CHI 2022

    Laton Vermette, Kavana Ramesh, Joanna McGrenere, and Parmit K. Chilana

  2. A decorative screenshot of a list of questions posted to a Q&A forum for the Canvas LMS

    Setting up, Troubleshooting, and Innovating on the Delivery of Online Instruction: A Case Study of an LMS Q&A Forum

    L@S 2021

    Kavana Ramesh, Laton Vermette, and Parmit K. Chilana

  3. A decorative screenshot of Customizer's Try It mode, showing several highlighted customizations being explored by a user of the Canvas LMS

    Peek-through Customization: Example-based In-context Sharing for Learning Management Systems

    DIS 2020

    Laton Vermette, Joanna McGrenere, and Parmit K. Chilana

  4. A decorative image of a teacher delivering a lesson via an educational game presented on an interactive whiteboard to a classroom full of students

    Freedom to Personalize My Digital Classroom: Understanding Teachers' Practices and Motivations

    CHI 2019

    Laton Vermette, Joanna McGrenere, Colin Birge, Adam Kelly, and Parmit K. Chilana