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A bit about me...

In , I successfully defended my PhD thesis at Simon Fraser University, where I was a member of the Interactive Experiences Lab. I was supervised by Dr. Parmit Chilana and Dr. Joanna McGrenere.

I enjoy building human-centered software, and I have experience developing both complex user interfaces and performant back-end architectures. I mostly build web applications these days, but I've worked on some mobile and desktop apps too.

My academic research has largely focused on software customization, educational technology, and software help systems. Beyond those areas, I'm also passionate about web accessibility standards, privacy-enhancing technologies, and interfaces for musical expression.

I'm trained in UX research methods, including usability studies, user interviews, field observations, and qualitative data analysis.

I graduated from the University of Waterloo with an MMath in Computer Science in 2017, and a BMath in Combinatorics & Optimization in 2015.

I got my start programming custom map triggers for StarCraft: Brood War, circa 2002.

I've given many talks and guest lectures about my research over the years, including at large international computing conferences. I'm happy to consider invited talks when availability allows — feel free to send me an email with details about the venue and the type of talk you're aiming for.