A screenshot of Customizer's discovery interface, presented inside a dialog box on top of a Canvas LMS page. It is showing a collection of related customizations shared by a colleague named Charlie, titled "Streamlining page editing and grading". The collection has been viewed 72 times and favorited by 3 other users. The listed customizations are grouped into three sections: "Gradebook customizations", "Home page customizations", and "External app customizations". Two customizations are included in the home page section. The first is titled "Home page style: Course Activity Stream", with Charlie's explanation reading: "I find the Course Activity stream to be the most useful type of homepage, because it automatically combines recent updates from discussions, grading, and assignments into a compact feed. Your students will thank you!". The second customization is titled "Show announcements on home page", with Charlie's explanation reading: "The one big thing that the Course Activity Stream is missing is a good announcemnts view. So this setting fixes that by adding a recent announcement to the top of the home page". The final customization, within the External Apps section, is titled "Installed external app: Wikipedia", with Charlie's explanation reading: "I like the Wikipedia external app setting because it lets me quickly embed rich content into assignments and other pages from the page editor, which other settings won't let you do". Each of the three customizations includes a button labeled "Try It", a button labeled "Import into my course", a button labeled "Q&A", and a button to show more details.