A screenshot of the collapsible sidebar that Customizer adds to every Canvas page. A blue button at the top reads "Share my setup", and beneath that is a search bar with the prompt "Search for Canvas customizations". Below that is a list titled "Top results for Discussions", indicating that the user is on their Canvas Discussions page. The list shows two full items, with the top of a third item partially overflowing off the bottom. Each item is accompanied by a small screenshot representing the customization it describes. The top item is titled "Giving students more options to gather and discuss", posted by a colleague named Ridhi, and tagged with "Discussion board", "student groups", and "student threads". The second item is titled "Discussion restrictions (students can only post replies)", posted by a colleague named Jun, and tagged with "Discussion board", "attached files", and "student threads". The third, partially obscured item is titled "Course settings with locked-down discussion moderation".